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Lauren Mandych, ND

Forest Path


I partner with individuals and groups to empower people in their own health and create a greater sense of balance in their lives. My approach focuses primarily on lifestyle medicine, mind-body connection, connection to nature, healthy aging and digestive health. 

I am licensed in the state of Vermont as a naturopathic doctor, member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher. 

Areas of Interest

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Lifestyle Counseling

Support the foundations of health through nourishing food, quality sleep, movement and sense of purpose.

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Sandy Beach

The Mind-Body Connection

Learn how to deepen your mindfulness, meditation and breathwork practice.

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Nature Connection

Engage with the health benefits of getting outside.

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Healthy Aging

Digestive Health

Build habits that lead to greater health and resilience through all stages of life.

Learn about the effect of the microbiome and brain-gut connection on functional digestive issues

My Practice

My practice focuses on teaching people how to be healthier, wherever they are in that process. My goal is to provide the tools and knowledge for people to feel more engaged in their own well-being. My main emphasis is on the foundations of health, including good nutrition, quality sleep, ways to be more active and to feel more connected. This approach is then individualized based on specific health concerns.

Let’s Work Together

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